Thursday, July 9, 2009

i don't want lose my best friend by drug addicts

explain about my best friend .. i dont want lose him .. he is my best friend for 16 years ... i know him very very well .. his name is Cory Lovett

Saturday, July 4, 2009

the brief comment about owens45 and deafrock1990's life and the future.

how do I feel about being gay and nothing wrong to marry owens45. I hope Michigan allow gay or lesbian marriage so every gays/lesbian in michigan will be so thriller to have that! :)

join and talk w deaf people

join for deaf people or hearing people add me deafrock1990 or Owens45

deafrock1990 thinking about owens45

explain abt owens45

come here in michigan to support lesbian and gay marriage

support gay or lesbian marriage and to pass a law in michigan for gay or lesbian marriage

father's day and wondering abt parents hurt son or daugther or not?

explain abt my dad's life and explain about my life so see my video :-)

support to be pride gay or lesbian or bisexual

support us and people too so i wanna to be support lesbian or gay or bisexual